ESC Part 1 – Pilot
By: Satya Gupta

What is ESC? If you are hobbyist, then you know what is ESC. But if you are new in this hobby then you might not. What is ESC? ESC is a simple electronic component, which controls the speed of motor depending on the signal that is provided to it. Very much like the fan regulator …

Flight Time Calculation
By: Satya Gupta

The first question that come’s to your mind when you are building a quad or buying one. How much flight time this quad gonnagive me? Well there are many docs and article on the internet about it, but this one here I am going to make it simple for you to understand how to calculate it. …

Building your first quadcopter!
By: Rohan Rao

This is another post connected to building quadcopters that adds to the several that already exist on the internet. How is this different? I was interested in making this as generic as possible, so that it can easily be upgraded later if you want to add FPV (first person view), cameras, or carry extra weight (payloads). …