Weight: 125 grams
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Brand Name:FatShark ImmersionRC
Item Name: SpiroNet 5.8GHz Antenna
Connector: RP SMA
Case size: 33.5m(w) 16mm(h)
Cable Length: 82mm
Weight: 11.5g

The new design is optimized in terms of radiation pattern and VSWR.
The Skew planar wheel design gives you better range and performance in any orientation.
Include an improved wire stems (red) for greater rigidity, and there is now no differentiation between TX and RX.
Right-hand circular polarization for 5.8GHz FPV use.
The Hard case enclosure will protect your antennas.
The flexible cable ensures easy positioning for optimum performance.
The flexible cable can be bent at a 90deg angle for goggles with horizontal RP-SMA outputs.

Package Includes:
1 x RP-SMA Circular Polarized Antenna. (Gray Color cover)

9 Reviews

04-05-2016 2:42 pm

is it common for tx and RX?

Satya Gupta
04-05-2016 2:43 pm

Yes you can use it for Rx or Tx

11-05-2016 12:48 pm

is this original or a clone ?

Satya Gupta
11-05-2016 1:53 pm

100% original but direct from factory not from ImmersionRC

31-05-2016 12:30 pm

when will be it back in stock?

Satya Gupta
31-05-2016 1:50 pm

Very soon.

Satya Gupta
03-06-2016 8:03 am

Its back in stock now.

19-10-2016 12:24 pm

I got it today, It was very fast shipping, it came really nice packaged.

AndI have been using the quannum v1 for almost 1 year, and to say it worked, but recently after i had couple of crashes, it had some bents, and the signal starts to deterioate, the i ordered the fatshark, .. WoW when i used it for 1st time, the clarity was amazing, it worth to invest these things. !! go for it with couple hundred extra than the generic ones, you wont be sorry … 😀

Satya Gupta
19-10-2016 7:25 pm

They are indeed very good. Thanks for the review (Y)

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