6890.00  र 9010.00
Weight: 1000 grams
Out Of Stock
Pricing breakout: र 6500.00 + 390.00


Kit includes:
X600 frame x 1
HobbyKing KK 2.1 LCD Flight Controller
SunnySky Angel 2212 980 KV motors x 4
SimonK 30A ESC x 4
1045 Propeller x 2 pairs (Black Green)
Power Distribution board x 1
3.5mm Bullet connectors x 12 pairs
Heat Shrink Tube (black and red)

Required: (Not Included)
1 x 3 cell LiPo battery (2200mah – 4000mah)
1 x Radio set
Lipo Charger

11 Reviews

12-11-2014 11:00 pm

make it in stock

12-11-2014 11:01 pm

i need it urgently

Satya Gupta
13-11-2014 12:46 pm

Should be back in 10 days time.

13-11-2014 7:58 pm

ok i’m waiting…….

31-12-2014 3:05 pm

can i connect gps with this board (KK2.1)

31-12-2014 3:06 pm

how much thrust this system produce ??

Satya Gupta
31-12-2014 3:19 pm

You cannot connect GPS,
Per motor generate around 800grams to 900 grams of thrust with 10 inch props.

28-02-2015 8:16 pm

when will it come in stock again?

12-03-2015 5:51 pm

When will this be available again? I’m waiting since long time.

31-05-2015 11:45 pm

I just purchased, assembled and flew this kit, and I am not very satisfied with this experience of mine. Simple reason, a lot of information on the internet doesn’t really apply to the kit. Also the kit despite being wonderfully put together lacks any instruction manual/links for assembly, setup and tuning.
I have been into the RC hobby flying mostly electrics parkflyers and EDFs for 3 and a half years and this was my first venture into multirotors. I must admit I learned a lot but a lot of it was just random scramling for information. I hope the future enthusiasts donot face that and working on a video series and articles to guide somebody like me.
I have a tenddency to write long articulate posts and to work around it I will list the positives and the negatives of my experiences with the kit
1. Impeccable support by Satya Gupta. His replies to my trivial queries were almost instantaneous
2. Very well priced. I do admit that I would have loved the KK 2.1.5 board instead. But that is my personal view
3. The equipment is good quality stuff, not some cheap off the shelf electronics that I found elsewhere.
4. Nearly scot free shipping.
5. The craft is very durable. I have crashed it a couple of times, and my oh my can it take crahes.
6. The quad has a wide speed envelope. It can be nimble when you dial down the PI values to insanely fast when you go acro. I couldn’t believe when I pulled off a flip on my maiden flight. Wonderful thing to fly when you know what you are doing
1. Kit is not all inclusive(Hence the word Almost Ready to Fly). ‘I DID NOT RECEIVE THE BUZZER THAT COMES STANDARD WITH ALL KK BOARDs’ and would have preferred aluminium spacers instead of plastic ones for the landing skids
List of items you would need to buy separately to get you in the air(apart from the ones listed in the description) :
a)Servo leads to connect the the KK board to receiver
b)A velcro strap to hook up your battery
c) A simple soldering kit to solder the bullet connectors to ESCs and motors
and soldering ESCs to the PDB
d) A USB asp connector to flash the latest firmware(the current 1.9s1 is crap!)
e) Some CA/ Superglue in case your cabon fiber mounts crack
2. NO MANUAL/LINKS. This is the real agonising part of this kit. Searching for information is fun and you could improvise with your ingenuity. But there is a lot of wrong information out there and for a newcomer into the multirotor world this can ruin the experience.
I would REQUEST the people at Quadkopters to help people like me with the PI loop setup. Not the finetuning but just the basic values to get in the air. The string test is very difficult and often dangerous with the current frame.
3. A few errors in the product description : the frame is X525 v3 and not X600, the props I got were all black(and not black+green pair combination as stated)
4. I donot like the prop adapters for the motors. They look flimsy, are a big pain when it comes to changing the props on field
5.I cannot stress this enough but the stock firmware on the KK2.1 is crap. The gyro and acc resolution is pathetic and voltage setting for the control chip is appalling. I spent 5 hours finetuning the PI values and it still didnot stabilise the flight(the damn thing would not hover0. If you buy this kit make sure that that the first thing you do is flash the board it to 1.9s3 or other latest version of it. Your life will be much easier.

Here are a few links that I think(and personally used) will explain eveything one needs to know before getting this thing up in the air :
1.Frame assembly: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uploads/173367176X53414X39.pdf
2.KK2.1 assembly, Finetuning and stabilisation
->KK2.1 & KK2.1.5 FC Owners Thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2061620
->Firmware Update:
->Hobbyking Manual for assembly: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uploads/684120529X487876X34.pdf
->KK 2.1 quickstart(if you are IMPATIENT and cannot read a lot)
->Steveis’ Manual( This is amazing!):
->For setting up the kk board(without flashing):
->For help on Setting up PI values(please donot use the exact values, just calculate. It is pretty easy whenyou get it) :

13-11-2015 7:59 pm

1. Nice frame. It can take crashes. A lot of them.
2. KK2.1 is a good board.
3. Landing gear is good. Absorbs shocks well.
4. Motors are powerful enough to make it hover at 50-60% throttle with 1045 props.
1. Motor prop adapters cause wobbling and often come off the shaft
2. Stock firmware of kk2.1 is not good. Flash it with Steveis’s latest firmware

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