Weight: 175 grams
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Pricing breakout: र 1367.19 + 382.81 (GST@28%)


Astra Elite series are specially made with graphene tech. Ensures max and long punches, and lives long charge cycles.
Astra lipos are tested and made after inputs from various drone pilots across India. 

Feature of Astra Lipos
1. Aluminum sheets around the cells.
2. Balance plug protector.
3. 6 months warranty on all our batteries*

Capacity 850mah Voltage 14.8V
Continuous discharge rate 70C Max burst rate 140C
Configurations 4S1P Charge rate 2C
Size (H)32mm * (W)30mm * (L)56mm Weight 106g
PVC Color Shiny Black Connector XT60

*Please not warranty is not applicable on damage due to crash or incorrect charging or usage of wrong charging mechanism

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