Weight: 35 grams
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Pricing breakout: र 1250.00 + 225.00 (GST@18%)


35×35 mm power distribution board, with one way 5V3A fixed output and one way step down ADJ. output. It also has voltage sensor and current sensor on board, direct fits APM/PIXHAWK’s power module port.

35×35 mm, 30×30 mm mounting holes
1x Lipo In, and 5x Power out(lipo)
on board 5V3A SBEC(fixed)
on board 3A Step down ADJ. SBEC
3 Groups of 2.54 Pinheaders, for LIPO output, 5V output and ADJ output
Voltage and current sensors which compatible with APM/PIXHAWK

Package included:

1x PDB with BEC
1x Cable for Power Module connection

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