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FS-i6X Specifications:
Item: FS-i6X RC Transmitter
Channel: 6-10 (Default 6)
Model Type: Fixed-Wing/Glider/Helicopter
RF Range: 2.408-2.475GHz
RF Power: < 20dBm
RF Channel: 135
Bandwidth: 500KHz
2.4GHz System: AFHDS 2A / AFDHS
Modulation Type: GFSK
Stick Resolution 4096
Low Voltage Warning: < 4.2V
DSC port: PS/2 Port PPM
Chargeable: No
Antenna Length: 26mm (Dual Antenna)
Weight: 392g
Power: 6V DC 1.5AA*4
Display: STNTransflective Display, LCD 128×64 Lattice, VA 73x39mm, LCD with white backlight
Size: 174x89x190mm
On-line Update: Yes
Color: Black

X6B i-BUS Specifications:
Brand Name: Flysky
Item: X6B i-BUS Receiver
Channels: 6(PWM), 8(PPM), 18(i-BUS)
Model Type: Multi-Totor
RF Range: 2.408-2.475 GHz
Brand Wigth: 500KHz
Number of bands: 135
RF Power: No more than 20 dBm
RX Sensitivity: -95dBm
2.4GHz protocol: AFHDS 2A
Modulation Type: GFSK
Stick resolution: 1024
Low voltage alarm: Yes
Antenna Length: 93mm (Dual Antenna)
Power input: 4.0-8.4V
On-line Update: Yes(Wireless)
Range: >300m
Weight: 4.5g
Size: 36*22*7.5mm
i-BUS Port: Yes
Certificate: CE0678, FCC ID: N4ZX6B00

1 x Flysky FS-i6X 10CH 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter
1 x Flysky X6B i-BUS Receiver

9 Reviews

01-01-2017 12:40 pm

Is a FS-iA10 B recevier available with this?

Satya Gupta
01-01-2017 6:06 pm

No X6B comes with this transmitter.

20-02-2017 8:24 pm

That’s a 6 channel receiver, right? Or will we get a 10 channel receiver along with this?

Satya Gupta
20-02-2017 8:27 pm

receiver is 6 Channel but it supports upto 8 channel via PPM

05-01-2017 4:07 pm

Did connectors come with receiver or not?

Satya Gupta
05-01-2017 4:13 pm

Yes the connectors comes with receiver. What you see is what you geed.

06-03-2017 3:48 pm

Does the Reciever have inbuilt Gyroscopes?

Satya Gupta
06-03-2017 4:00 pm

No receiver does not have such sensors, its flight controller which has them.

18-03-2017 4:31 pm

When will it be in stock??

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