• SunnySky X2216 880KV V2
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV V2
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV V2
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV V2

SunnySky X2216 880KV V2

र 1650.00
Weight: 120 grams
SKU: S2216880II

This is upgraded version of the most famous X2216 motor

The prop adaptor of this series is mounted to the motor can with 3 screws, it gives better centralisation and balance.

– Long-life Japanese NMB ball bearings.
– Efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steel
– Rare earth magnets stable up to 180℃
– Oxygen free pure copper wires
– CNC machined aluminum case
– Silicone wire leads
– Patented balance techniques
– Unique wiring method


V2216-10 880KV
-Stator diameter: 22mm
-Stator length: 16mm
-Shaft diameter: 3mm (no exposing part)
-Motor size: Φ27.8×34mm (diameter x length)
-Weight: 75g
-Idle current @ 10V: 0.4A
-Cell number: 2-4S
-Max current: 20A
-Max power: 210W
-Max efficiency current: 5-17A, >80%
-Internal resistance: 135mΩ
-Prop adaptor shaft diameter: 5mm

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is it x2216-11 or x2216-10?

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