• SunnySky X2216 880KV
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV
  • SunnySky X2216 880KV

SunnySky X2216 880KV

र 1650.00
Weight: 120 grams
SKU: S2216880

The prop adaptor of this series is mounted to the motor can with 3 screws, it gives better centralisation and balance.

– Long-life Japanese NMB ball bearings.
– Efficient Japanese Kawasaki stator steel
– Rare earth magnets stable up to 180℃
– Oxygen free pure copper wires
– CNC machined aluminum case
– Silicone wire leads
– Patented balance techniques
– Unique wiring method


V2216-10 880KV
-Stator diameter: 22mm
-Stator length: 16mm
-Shaft diameter: 3mm (no exposing part)
-Motor size: Φ27.8×34mm (diameter x length)
-Weight: 75g
-Idle current @ 10V: 0.4A
-Cell number: 2-4S
-Max current: 20A
-Max power: 210W
-Max efficiency current: 5-17A, >80%
-Internal resistance: 135mΩ
-Prop adaptor shaft diameter: 5mm

5 Reviews


Do these motors come with the mount and prop adapter or should we buy them separately? And do they have the same wire length as the older X 2216 motors?
The descriptipn says the motors are 880 kv but the picture shows 1250kv. Please confirm the rating of these motors. Thank you.

Yes it comes with motor mount and prop adapter. Yes they have same wire length and its 880KV not 1250KV


please mention about its thrust


is this orignal sunnysky motors????????

Yeap, we are getting this for over 3 years, 100% original.

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