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Weight: 35 grams
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CRIUS MAVLink-OSD compatible with original MinimOSD ATMEGA328P Microcontroller DC/DC voltage stabilization
– MAVLink-OSD is an Arduino based project and it is fully compatible with original MinimOSD.
– This board can be used for CRIUS AIOP and Arduflyer / ArduPilot-Mega.
– MAVLink-OSD with switching DC/DC stepdown powersupply to maximize efficiency on power system. No more heating problems when using this OSD board.
– Default OSD Firmware is MinimOSD-Extra, written by Gábor Zoltán.
– About how to use the configurator tool to setup OSD function click here.
– How to setup hardware (original MinimOSD Wiki) click here

Hardware Features:
– ATMEGA328P Microcontroller
– MAX7456-EUI monochrome on-screen display
– 5V/500mA DC/DC regulator for MAX7456-EUI
– Operating voltage: 5V(FTDI connector) and 12V(Video I/O connector)
– Supported NTSC & PAL
– FTDI connector

Software features:
– Full MAVLink protocol support
– Graphical configurator tool

– Dimension: 19mmx39mm(no include 0.1” pith 90°connector)
– Weight: 5g/6g(include cable)

Package content
– MAVLink-OSD x 1

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Can this OSD be used with the kk2.1 board?

No, only with boards that provide telemetry data


can we use it with naza lite somehow?

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