• Turbowing TX200 5.8G 20mW/200mW 40CH Transmitter
  • Turbowing TX200 5.8G 20mW/200mW 40CH Transmitter

Turbowing TX200 5.8G 20mW/200mW 40CH Transmitter

र 1450.00
Weight: 50 grams
SKU: TX200
Super lightweight, mini size small as coin.
32 channels dial-code switch avoids interference.
200mW / 20mW Dual-power switchable.
Vertical antenna connector designed for racing drone.
Integrated circuit design of high reliability and high precision.
Output power: 200mW / 20mW
Frequency range: 5.6-5.9Ghz
Transmission Range: 500-1000m(There may be deviation due to different conditions)
Channel: 40CH
Operating voltage: 6V-24V
Supply current: 250mA at 12V 200mW / 100mA at 12V 20mW
Video band width: 8M
Antenna connector: RP-SMA K
Dimension: 41 * 30 * 7mm
Frequency range:
Channel1 Channel2 Channel3 Channel4 Channel5 Channel6 Channel7 Channel8
Group A: 5645Mhz 5665Mhz 5685Mhz 5705Mhz 5885Mhz 5905Mhz 5925Mhz 5945Mhz
Group B: 5740Mhz 5760Mhz 5780Mhz 5800Mhz 5820Mhz 5840Mhz 5860Mhz 5880Mhz
Group C: 5725Mhz 5745Mhz 5765Mhz 5785Mhz 5805Mhz 5825Mhz 5845Mhz 5865Mhz
Group D: 5658Mhz 5695Mhz 5732Mhz 5769Mhz 5806Mhz 5843Mhz 5880Mhz 5917Mhz
Package list:
1 * Turbowing TX200 Dial-up Transmitter
1 * Cable

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Hi satya , will this product work with runcam swift and eachine diversity goggles ?

Yes it should work with all. Any thing works on 5.8Ghz it should work with them.

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