Store Pick Up – How it would work

Yes you heard it right, finally we have started store pick up option, for you to come and collect your order instead of waiting for it to ship and transit time. I would cut the chase and get to point, you want to know how it would work right?


Step 1: Place order online
No you cannot just come and ask for goods, you have to place order online for the goods that you need. It would be packed and ready for you to pickup.

Step 2: Select mode of shipping 
We will add a new option for shipping called as Store Pickup. Select store pick as mode of shipment if you want to come and collect the order.

Step 3: Select mode of payment
You can pay online or you can come and pay in cash or you can swipe the card and do the payment. Cool right?

Step 4: Confirm your order
Very important step: After you place order you have to confirm your order. Either call or email (preferred) with your order id. We will inform you by when (date and time) your order would be ready for pick up and also you would be provided the address where you need to come and collect.

Very important.
If you place order as store pick up and do not confirm the same, the order would be cancelled after 24 hours.
If you have confirmed your order and failed to come and pick up at the provided date/time we would cancel your order.
Please don’t ask for bags, come with bags or anything that you would need to carry your items.
Pickup date/time will be provided as per warehouse working hours and goods availability.