• SimonK ESC 30A

SimonK ESC 30A

र 380.00 र 900.00 Save 58%
Weight: 55 grams

Please note:
w.e.f 7/4/2018: This is now modified version with black heat shrink and bullet connectors instead of motor leads

Whats a quadcopter with out a simonk esc, its like a plane with your wings. We all know how the goodness added to quad by using simonk firmware. But its very tiring to flash it, remove the cover make the jig and then program it. No problem we have ready-to-use simonk esc. Check videos section to know more about simonk esc. You can only calibrate throttle, how to do that you can check using video section.

Highest efficiency 100% N-FET design.
Highest accuracy with Crystal Oscillator (Temperature won’t affect the PWM operating range like other cheap ESC’s).
No low voltage cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.
No over temp cutoff, because any cutoff in a multirotor = crash.
Super high refresh rate, no buffering of the input signal, resulting in more than 490Hz response rate.
16KHz motor frequency, giving fastest response of the motor, and quietest operation as well (no 8KHz squeal).
Super simple, foolproof operation! Nothing to program other than the throttle range.

Current Draw: 30A Continuous/35A Burst
Voltage Range: 2-4s Lipoly
BEC: 5V3A Linear
Weight: 35g

Note: ESC does not comes with any connectors.

8 Reviews


Certainly one of the best ESCs in the Indian market for multi-copters, pre-Flashing of SimonK algorithm on the ESC makes it the best with very quick response time. Very competitively priced, cheaper than other resellers, selling in the Indian market presently.


Please specify if it is an all NFET ESC or not

Its FET not NFET


is this compitable with kk2.1 and sunnysky 980kv


is it compatible with pixhawk 2.4.8???



Does these esc have bullet connectors? Because at the end of description it says no connectors.

In the same description there is a note which was added in 2018. That answers your question.

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