• SJ4000 Video Out Cable
  • SJ4000 Video Out Cable

SJ4000 Video Out Cable

र 500.00
Weight: 25 grams
SKU: SJ4000C

Live video out via USB cable for SJ4000

Check videos section to see how to use this cable.

White: Video +
Green: Video –
Red: +5v
Black: Ground

How to use:
1. Go to the settings menu of the SJ4000 (page 6)2. Select TV Mode/TV out
3. Set it to ON
After above steps screen on SJ4000 would turn off and you can get live output via USB

4 Reviews


I can use this with my xiaomi yi ….and just have to connect the video and ground to the tx and the camera has its own battery to power it self ……hmmmh.. let me see how greater a difference it makes in the fpv flights… thanks for providing such a great platform for us really appreciated satya….. using a 2.8 mm cctv camera currently. will order this and use my xiaomi yi and see exactly whats the difference in video looks like……..

Thank you very much for your appreciation Ken, But i am not sure about this cable to able to use with Xiaomi Yi Camera. Since i have never used it.


Does it have wire, to take audio out from sj4000 camera ?

Only Video out no audio out.

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