• TAROT FY690S CF Hexa Frame
  • TAROT FY690S CF Hexa Frame

TAROT FY690S CF Hexa Frame

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Weight: 1250 grams

Please note: Supplier has sent the goods in box which has 68C01 written on it but its FY690S frame. Rest assured

Tarot FY690S Foldable Hexa-copter Carbon Fiber Frame

Tarot FY690S uses toray carbon fiber 3K weave carbon fiber plate and hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tubes) full CNC machining. Design standards higher than similar products, the entire chassis weighs only 600 grams. S version uses Dia16MM new multi-axis motor mount to back new brushless ESC position, can be directly tied to use. Color eye-catching color overall design has a strong perspective impact. High requirements for portable users design, especially suitable for do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high performance requirements of mobile equipment and require relatively little load multi blank endurance applications.

Configuration requirements:
– Wheelbase diameter 690MM,11-13inch carbon fiber propeller.
– Brushless Motor: 700KV 2814-550KV 4006 Series.
– Battery: 11.1-14.8V  20003000MHA 15C battery.
– ESC: 20-30A Brushless ESC.
– Has a moderate load (for example, small digital camera, a small single electronic camera, etc.), for a variety of small-scale aerial job (Photos, video) with the ground station system can achieve a variety of light load task operation.

Relevant items:
– FY690S folding 6-axis carbon fiber adapter cover TL6803
– 16MM carbon tube folded positioning seat assembly. TL6804
– Metal 16MM carbon tube clamper group. TL6805
– FY680 folding six-axis carbon fiber panels, center board TL6806
– M3H5 hexagonal aluminum column TL6807
– M16 aircraft motor mount TL6808
– The M10 metal silicone damping Seat TL6810
– Plastis Landing Skid
– Y680 six-axis aircraft folding landing skid TL6811
– M2.5 ladder screws TL2778-01
– 500 dedicated outfield bag TL2647 (optional, not included)

– Small stickers x 1
– Medium stickers x 2
– User Manual x 1
– Package Weight: 600g


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