• Cell Checker 8

Cell Checker 8

र 700.00
Weight: 56 grams

This is an accessory every FPV pilot MUST HAVE. When you are sitting in the middle of your favorite field ready to rip some killer moves and have no idea how much capacity is left in your lipos this guy will save the day. Simply plug in the balance cable into the side of this handy gizmo and it will instantly tell you the % capacity left in the battery.


– Port for balance plug for up to 8 cell Lipo, LiFe, or Li-Ion batteries
– Can be used as Servo tester to test standard and narrow servo.
– Port for discharge plug of NiMh/NiCd batteries
– can be used to check the battery voltage of Lithium batteries including Lipo, LiFe, Li-Ion, as well as NiMH and NiCd batteries.
– measure the voltage of both individual cells and full battery voltage, and can also indicate the highest voltage cell, lowest voltage cell and difference


Discharge Current: 1A
Balance Current: 1A
Battery Voltage Test Precision: 0.001V
Battery Type: Can test Li-Po/Li-lon/Li-Fe(2-8S),NiCd/NiMH(4-8S) battery
Servo Test Range: 1000-2000us or 500-2500us

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