• CRSF Serial to PWM Encoder

CRSF Serial to PWM Encoder

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Weight: 25 grams

If you have a crsf serial protocol receiver and want a PWM output then you are at the right place. This is exactly what it does, connect a receiver with crsft protocol to the serial in port. And MCU would read the crsf packet and generate a PWM 8 channel output out of it. The brain of this board is STM32F103 mcu, nothing much to be explained. 


On Encoder On Receiver
G – Ground => G – Ground
V – V in (5V-6V Max)=> 5 – 5v in
R – Rx=> T – Tx
T – Tx=> R – Rx



Package Includes:

1 x Encoder
1 x Clear Heatshrink
1 x JST SH 2P for vbat in

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